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Mayan Cultural Vitality FB Page

Mayan Cultural Vitality

Visit the new Cultural Vitality Facebook Page to support Mayan cultural revitalization and promote Mayan cultural vitality!

Please “like” us (and share with your friends) to help support Mayan cultural vitality. With enough “likes,” we can launch a kickstarter fundraising campaign to fund the publication and distribution of bilingual Q’eqchi’- Spanish¬† book collections in Guatemala with a companion CD. We also hope to disseminate¬† bilingual Q’eqchi’- English CD/book collections in Belize. The folktale collections will be illustrated with photographs and with an assortment of original student artwork illustrated by the Maya students at Tumul K’in Intercultural Education Center in Belize.

As the stories are played and heard on CDs in the home and broadcast on community radio, we hope that many memories are restored; that the elders and other narrators will be inspired to tell more stories; and that the younger generation will be encouraged to preserve this oral tradition, so that Mayan cultural vitality, Mayan languages, Mayan customs, and Mayan culture will continue to thrive.

Every “like” helps us to support Mayan cultural vitality.

Thank you!!!

3 deer dancersDeer Dancers performing the “Dance of the Deer”


With your support we have surpassed our goal of 500 likes! It has been one month and we are now at 649 likes! Our next goal is 750, then 1,000! Thank you to our fans and supporters!!!!

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